Leanna: Hip Hugger Thong Milf

April 26, 2008

Leanna is one of my beloved Thong Milfs as she has some of the sexiest hips a woman can have. You can just tell by looking that that it would be comfortable riding in that saddle! Sort of like being wedged into a choice comfortable chair. You could then reach right down and get a handful of d-cup milf breasts just like you would reaching for your TV remote. heh…

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Lessya: Puffy Outer Labia Thong MILF

April 26, 2008

Lessya was a appealing hot MILF with creamy white skin, average MILF mammaries, but a very engorged coochie! This is a plus in my book. I love a good meaty coochie that will swallow a thong and expose the long awaited for extreme cameltoe that all of us enjoy no matter who we are!

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Megan: All Over Tan Thong MILF!

April 26, 2008

Megan has a wonderful all over tan so you know she is a true beach honey that has enjoyed wearing thongs for a topnotch many years. She was so exited that we gave her a chance to rendezvous for us. I just love it when these MILF beach hotties accept to show off their “hot mom” bodies. I think it gives them a sense of fittingly being knowing that there are dudes out there that get turned on by looking at their semi bare bodies.

Megan was like most of the MILFS you will find here. She was not afraid to show every inch of her body off to the camera. She left nothing unexposed and allowed me to focus wherever I wanted for as long as I wanted. When she bent over and puller her thong string out of the crack of her fanny you could clearly view the moisture from her wet snapper. It ws so hot! Get Instant Access today!

Sassafras: Pink Pussy D-Cup Thong MILF

April 26, 2008

Sassafras was a hot red headed milf that was nearly on fire when she was posing up on top of the rocks by the beach. As she bestowed back and spread her creamy white thighs open she grabbed her thong and pulled it to the side fully undraping her very pink pussy! Red head MILF pussy is the most magnificent. That thing seemed to be alive! Her outer meat flaps were glowing reddish pink and you could just about watch her pussy engorge itself with blood and get very swollen and wet as she laid there spreading her legs for my camera.

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Tatiana: Classic Fat Pussy MILF

April 26, 2008

Tatiana has one of the fattest pussies you ever affixed your eyes on. Exquisite fat swollen pussy lips! When she sites down the thong I gave her sucked it’s way in between her outer pussy lips so far it practically went out of site! All that was left unexposed from her meaty vagina was the top part of the thong bikini.

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Claudia: Big Boob MILF

April 26, 2008

There is no doubt that Claudia is built like a “brick shit house”! Talk about fat massive MILF titties! Holy shit, Claudia had a set of boobs that would kill you if they got loose. Fat and hard and ready to be squeezed hard while you are rubbing your face all in between her dark brown aereolas.

Claudia is not lacking in the fat booty department either. This hot milf is packing some fun in the trunk too! You could essentially say she has a perfecto Latin “bubble but”. Thick and juicy with a good deep fanny crack. When she bends over with her legs spread you can view the most succulent meaty snapper in the universe! A nice fat fat juicy reverse moose knuckle.

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Jane: Gorgeous Hot Thong Milf

April 25, 2008

Jane has a body to die for. One of the hottest MILFS you will ever lay your eyes on for assured. A perfect set of tatas with nipple so jumbo and jumbo they look to be as jumbo as those old over sized pencil erasers you used to see way back!

Moving on down to Jane’s lower regions I am pleased to say she is sporting a super little landing strip. Culminating for those times when you might need her help leading you in for a safe landing if you know what I mean, heh… The location, the tiny micro thong, the absolute quality.
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Kendra: Extreme MILF Cameltoe!

April 24, 2008

Hot MILF Kendra had looked like her coochie was split in two by the micro thong I had her wear. It was riding deep! It had to be wedged sparsely four inches up inside her MILF pussy crack making for one of the most extreme cameltoes you ever directed your eyes on! A good tiny Micro Thong Bikini string enveloped by two big meaty outer labia. What else could you ask for?

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